Plant Breeders’ Rights Registry


The Plant Breeders’ Rights Registry (PBRR) is a statutory body established under section 3 of the Plant breeders’ Rights Act, 2016. The Registry is headed by a Registrar and its main office is at Islamabad. Following are functions of PBRR.

  1. To facilitate protection of new plant varieties
  2. To issue certificates under the Plant breeders’ Rights Act, 2016
  3. To ensure maintenance of the register of protected plant varieties
  4. To promote development of new varieties of plant by such measures as it think fit and to protect rights of the farmers and breeders as provided under the Plant breeders’ Rights Act, 2016
  5. To maintain characterization and documentation of protected varieties
  6. To collect statistics with regard to plant varieties, including the contribution of any person at any time in the evolution or development of any plant variety, in Pakistan or in any other country, for compilation and publication
  7. To take all necessary actions for smooth functioning of the Registry