Getting Plant Variety Protection


1.  Submit application for Plant Variety Protection as follow;

          (i)  Fill PB-1 form.

          (ii)  Attach all annexures and documents required for section 13 and 14 along with;

                      (a)  Seed sample of the variety/hybrid

                      (b)  DNA Profile of the variety/hybrid

          (iii)  Sign each page of the application and attached documents

2.  Make three copies of the application all carrying original seal & signatures.

3.  Deposit application fee (Rs. 10,000) on prescribed challan form in NBP

4.  Submit the documents in triplicate along with receipt of the fee submission, at following address;              


Plant Breeders’ Rights Registry

Mauve Area, G-9/4, Postal Code 44090

Islamabad, Pakistan

5.  Apply for any change in the application with fee (Rs. 10,000) within 01 month after submitting the application.

6.  Reply to any query asked by the Registrar office during Preliminary examination of the application.

7.  Respond (within 01 month) to any opposition to the application conveyed by the Registrar office.

8.  Deposit fee (Rs. 10000) for Substantial Examination of the application.

9.  Deposit fee (Rs. 10000) for DUS evaluation and fee for any other additional test recommended by the Registrar office.

10.  Get the “Certificate of Plant Variety Protection” after payment of fee (Rs. 10000).

*Click Here to see the sequential check list to be followed while submitting the application

(for details please see section 11 of the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act, 2016 & section 3-6 of the Plant Breeders’ Rights Rules, 2018)